Woven Heart Baskets


Learn how to make these lovely baskets and fill them with sweets or greeting cards for Valentine’s Day!


  • 2 sheets of A4 or Letter size cardstock (choose contrasting or complimentary colors)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ribbon (optional)


  1. heartbasket-longPrint out 2 copies of the heart basket template on different colors of A4 or Letter size paper.

  2. Cut out 1 template piece from each colored paper.

  3. Fold each template in half. While keeping the paper folded, cut along the 3 inside lines. If you don’t want the lines on the template showing on your basket, unfold the paper after cutting all the inside lines. Fold the other way so that the lines are hidden on the inside of the folded paper.

  4. If this is your first time making this craft, you can label the tips of the 4 strips on each template. This will make it much easier to follow the succeeding weaving steps. Use a pencil to label the left-hand template with D-C-B-A and the right-hand template with 1-2-3-4.

  5. Place the right-hand template under the left-hand template. Rotate the two templates so that they are at right angles to each other. To start weaving, take Strip 1 and weave it through the loop of Strip A.

  6. Next, weave Strip 1 around Strip B. Continue by weaving Strip 1 through the loop of Strip C. Finish weaving Strip 1 by weaving it around Strip D. Move Strip 1 up until it touches the top of the slits.

  7. Now take Strip 2 and weave it around Strip A. Weave Strip 2 through Strip B.Then weave Strip 2 around Strip C. Finish weaving Strip 2 by weaving it through Strip D.

  8. Weave Strip 3 similar to Strip 1 and Strip 4 like Strip 2. Gently ease the strips towards the edges. Erase any pencil marks.

  9. Cut a strip of card stock or construction paper to make the handle. Glue the ends on the inside of the heart basket.

  10. Once the glue dries, fill the basket with candy, chocolates, confetti, or valentine notes.

  11. For a sturdier basket, use felt instead of paper. hbfelt

    Happy Valentine’s Day!