Paper Plate Paint Splat Monster

Make an adorable paper plate paint splat monster with a few simple supplies! This craft is a great idea for a large group. Hand out plates, squirt paint on the plates and then have the kids smear their hands in the paint. Once the paint dries, use googly eyes and pipe cleaners to add features to your little monsters and give them some personality! This would be a great, fun craft activity for a classroom or a birthday party!


  • paper plates
  • paint
  • googly eyes
  • pipe cleaners
  • hot glue gun and hot glue sticks


    1. Squirt some paint onto the center of a paper plate.Squirt Paint
    2. Use your hand to smear the paint around. It’s okay if you make a mess!Smear Paint with hand
    3. Set the paper plate aside and allow the paint to dry completely, then glue on googly eyes.Glue googly eyes on
    4. Form a mouth out of a section of pipe cleaner and glue that onto the face of the monster. Add other fun features to the monster too. Your imagination is the limit!Glue on a mouthPaper Plate Paint Splat Feature