Heart Puzzles: Video

A good friend is like the right puzzle piece: a perfect fit that completes you! This Valentine’s Day, give your friends and family their very own puzzle.


  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • scissors
  • a paintbrush
  • blank cards and envelopes
  • markers
  • construction paper


    1. heart-puzzle-longCut a heart shape out of the construction paper.

    2. Paste the heart onto a blank card using Mod Podge Gloss. The Mod Podge works as glue and will also add a glossy finish to your project.

    3. Let the card dry completely. Once dry, make sure the cards are flat. You can press the card flat underneath some books or bend it into a flat shape.

    4. Next, cut your card into a puzzle. You can cut any design you wish. I used straight lines as my puzzle design to demonstrate how easy and fast this project could be, especially if you’re making these for an entire classroom or a group of friends.

    5. Slip your puzzle pieces into an envelope with a personalized message on the front and you’re done!

    You can repeat this project anytime of year by using shapes other than hearts! Happy Valentine’s Day!