DIY Water Blob

blob final

What is a “water blob,” and how do you make one? Simple. A water blob is a large piece of plastic sheeting (a clear thin tarp) filled with water. When it’s done, it makes a cool, dry play surface. It’s the perfect activity for hot summer days for all ages, especially the toddler years since it is safe; however, my older girls played with it for hours. Later in the day we did turn on a sprinkler on top of the blob, which made it like a fluffy slip and slide. Here’s how you make one.


  • big roll of plastic sheeting
  • duct tape
  • hose/water source


    1. blob 1Fold the plastic sheeting in half and tape the three open sides with duct tape. (It helps to have assistance!) Make sure you leave a small hole to insert the water hose.

    2. Insert the hose and fill the blob with water. When it’s full, tape the small opening shut and let the kids loose. Make sure you don’t fill it too tight or there won’t be room to slosh around.

    3. blob 3If you like, you can add some blue food coloring just for that wow factor. You can also add glitter, confetti or small gummy items like worms or fish for a theme party. Just make sure the items are very soft with no pointy edges.

    This water blob was amazing amounts of fun. I lay on it; the kids jumped on it, slid across it and spent the entire day doing all sorts of crazy acrobatics. We loved it so much that I almost can’t wait to do another one. And the next one will have glitter in it…tons of glitter.