DIY Rockets: Video

Have a blast with these DIY rockets! Construct a rocket out of recycled items and household materials, then countdown to your very own liftoff and fly around!


  • 1 cylindrical coffee-type container
  • aluminum foil
  • orange (or red or yellow) tissue paper
  • glue sticks and a hot-glue gun
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • cereal box cardboard
  • 4 wooden clothespins
  • colorful paper (to design doors and windows)
  • packing tape


    1. rockets longCut a large triangle with a curved bottom from your thin, cereal box cardboard. This shape will form a cone.

    2. Staple your triangle into a cone.

    3. Turn your empty cylinder container upside down so the open end is on the bottom and the closed (original bottom) is now the top. Tape the cone to the top with packing tape.

    4. Cover everything in foil, tucking the edges at the bottom underneath and smoothing the foil as you work.

    5. Cut out square and rectangle shapes from paper of all different colors to design doors and windows for your rocket.

    6. Doodle designs and cut out fun shapes, then glue them on.

    7. Once you have glued on your doors and windows, clip 4 clothespins to the bottom, open end of the rocket.

    8. Stuff tissue paper in the bottom of your rocket for fun, rocket “flames.”

    9. This step is optional. Cut out two wing shapes, then cover them with foil. Using your hot-glue gun, glue them on. We made rockets both with wings and without, and both turned out great!

    Your rocket is ready for liftoff! Countdown, “3-2-1” and prepare for takeoff!