See How This Artist Transformed the Streets of Madrid Into a Cross-Stitched Work of Art

Raquel Rodrigo's cross-stitched street art

Photography by: Raquel Rodridgo

One artist in Spain is proving that cross-stitch is not an outdated form of art that can only be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. Those of you familiar with decorative embroidery know how much patience and time it takes to create even a small pattern that you will most probably frame and proudly display on a wall at your home.


Well, imagine having to cross-stitch an entire wall? How about the walls of an entire street block? You get a headache just by thinking about it right? Well, this is exactly what artist Raquel Rodrigo is doing in Madrid. Rodrigo, who was born in Valencia, started her large-scale project in an attempt to beautify otherwise weathered-looking building facades. And she completely nailed it.


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Raquel Rodrigo's cross-stitch street art

Photography by: Raquel Rodridgo

She uses the traditional cross-stitching method to create her colorful floral patterns but, obviously, on a much larger scale with thick rope-like string and a wire mesh.






Rodrigo’s ArchiCostura, a combination of architetura (architecture) and costura (needlework), creations can now be seen all over Madrid covering storefronts and abandoned buildings.