Stop Motion Flipbook

Teaching your kids about the art of animation is as easy as handing them a sticky notepad and a marker! With these two basic supplies, you can create a stop motion flipbook and talk about the very basics of animation with your kids.


  • sticky notepad
  • marker


    1. Start by getting out your supplies. You will need only two things: a sticky notepad and a marker.
    2. Begin on one side of the pad and draw a small dot on the bottom paper.
      dot 1
    3. Draw another dot a little farther to the left (or right depending on which direction you start) on the next page and keep repeating this process changing the position and size (in any pattern you wish) of the dot progressively until you get to the last page.
      Thumbnail for web

      Dot 2

    4. When you have finished all of the pages, you are ready to flip and watch your simple dot-drawing come to life in simple stop motion animation! Flip all the pages of the book very fast starting with the bottom page and working toward the top! What do you see?