DIY Bob The Builder Costume

Make this no-fuss Bob the Builder costume for your little one this Halloween using duct tape and fabric for the tool belt! This super simple outfit is doable for any busy parent — and budget friendly, too!


  • flannel shirt (we recommend plaid)
  • jean overalls
  • yellow plastic construction hat (you can find these at party supply stores)
  • brown duct tape
  • yellow duct tape
  • brown fabric
  • scissors
  • thin cardboard
  • tools
  • hot glue gun and hot glue sticks


    To begin assembling your DIY Bob the Builder Costume, you will need:

    – a flannel shirt

    flannel shirt

    – jean overalls


    – a yellow construction hat

    yellow hat

    – You will also need to make a tool belt:


    Here’s how:

    1. Begin by taping a long strip of brown duct tape on top of some brown fabric

    tape on fabric

    2. Flip the fabric over and iron on the fabric side. This will fuse the duct tape to the fabric.

    Iron on fabric side

    3. Using scissors, cut out the strip of duct tape with fabric fused to the back.

    cut out tape

    4. Cover a small square of thin cardboard with yellow duct tape to form the belt buckle. Add a square of brown duct tape to the center of the buckle.

    make buckle

    5. Glue the buckle to the belt on one end using hot glue.

    Glue buckle

    6. Add velcro to each end to close the belt.

    Add velcro

    7. Use small strips of brown duct tape and tape tools onto the front of the belt!

    duct tape tools

    Once you have finished making your tool belt, you are all set! Try on the costume and pretend you are Bob the Builder!

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