DIY Plastic Cup Phone: Video

Turn two simple plastic cups and a string into a phone with this cool craft! Great for starting a conversation about how sound travels, this craft project also acts as a toy phone! One person stands at the end of one cup and puts the cup to their ear. The other person holds the cup to their mouth and speaks. Pull the string tight so the vibrations will travel through the string and you can talk just as if you are using a phone!


  • 2 plastic cups
  • string
  • scissors


    1. Using the tip of the scissors, have an adult poke a small hole in the bottom of each cup.
    2. Thread one long piece of string through each hole, connecting the two cups.String through cup
    3. Tie a knot (bigger than the hole) on the inside of each cup to hold the connecting string in place.Tie a knotPull knot tightplastic cup phone finished
    4. Have one person hold the cup to their ear and the other person hold the other cup to their mouth. Pull the string tight and speak into the cup. The other person can hear through their end!
      Plastic Cup Phonetalk in phoneSwitch places and take turns talking and listening. Why does sound travel through the string?