Crayon Transfer Drawings


There are so many awesome projects out there for alternative ways to use crayons, and sometimes parents needed to find ways to get rid of massive amounts of crayons at one time. Kids will love it and you can display your artwork around the house afterwards!


  • crayons
  • white paper (at least two sheets)
  • pencil or ball point pen


    1. crayon-t-longUse your crayons to make a pattern or blobs on a piece of paper. Make sure you press hard enough to get a thick layer of waxy color down on the paper.

    2. Once your paper is covered, flip your crayon paper over, face-down on top of a piece of blank paper. Brush off the random wax bits that tend to accumulate on the crayon surface before you place it down.

    3. Using a pencil or ball point pen, draw (press pretty firmly) whatever you want to. When you are finished, lift your crayon paper off to reveal the magic.

    Have fun with this nice, quiet activity!