Winter Wonderland Terrarium

Make a magical winter wonderland terrarium using an old empty glass jar with a lid. Use this craft to talk with your kids about the weather. You can make a terrarium for any season! What kinds of things would belong in a winter wonderland terrarium? Hunt for objects outside or around the house that would fit this season,and with just a few simple crafting supplies and some creativity, you can get started!


  • empty glass jar with lid
  • cotton balls
  • small twig and small pinecones
  • white glitter
  • white paint
  • gold paint
  • hot glue
  • tiny plastic toy (optional)


    1. Begin by painting a tiny twig and pinecones white. Sprinkle generously with white glitter before the paint dries.Paint and Glitter

    2. Find a small plastic toy or trinket and paint it in a fun way. We used gold paint on a tiny dinosaur toy.

      Paint Small toy

    3. Once the paint dries, glue cotton balls to the inside of the jar lid and glue on the twig, pinecones and trinket with hot glue.
      Glue everything in the lid

    4. Add glitter to the inside of the empty jar and screw the lid on.

      Glitter in Jar

      Screw on lid

      Enjoy your winter scene!