Three Summer Sponge Crafts: Video

What better way to soak up some summer sun (and water!) than with a few fantastic sponge crafts?! Sail a sponge sailboat, cruise through a sponge car wash and play a game of sponge balloon paddle for some interactive water play.


    Toy Car Wash

  • a small plastic basket
  • 2 sponge cloths
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • a pool noodle
  • a foam sheet
  • a marker
  • a hose
  • Sponge Boat

  • 4 sponges
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • 2 sheets of foam with adhesive backing
  • a plastic straw
  • scissors
  • Sponge Balloon Paddle

  • a “car wash” sponge
  • wooden paint stir stick
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • balloons
  • box cutter or knife (adults only)


    Toy Car Wash

    1. wash-fCut off the two ends (the short sides) of the plastic basket.

    2. Cut slits in the two sponge cloths.

    3. Glue the two sponge cloths to the basket openings.

    4. Cut a pool noodle to the same width of the basket. Poke holes in the bottom part of the noodle then glue the noodle onto the sides in the center of the basket. Plug one end of the opening of the noodle with some foam. We cut off a small piece of the existing noodle and stuffed it inside.

    5. Write “Car Wash” in marker on a sheet of foam and cut it out into a fun design. Glue it onto the Car Wash. Insert a hose into the open end of the noodle and turn the water on low so it trickles through the holes you poked in the noodle.

    Drive your toy cars through and have fun splashing in the pretend car wash!

    Sponge Boat

    1. rsz_boatGlue four sponges together to form what looks like a raft.

    2. Cut a sheet of foam with adhesive backing to size, then remove the adhesive backing and adhere the foam sheet to the four sponges.

    3. Cut a hole in the center of the “raft” with scissors and insert a straw into the hole. Secure with hot glue.

    4. Cut a triangle from foam with adhesive backing and remove a section of the adhesive backing liner along the strip of one side. Wrap this adhesive section around the straw (and secure with hot glue if necessary) to form a sail.

    5. To make the boat look less like a raft, use scissors to cut the shape of the front of a boat on one side. You will be cutting diagonally to form a point.

    Once finished, float your boat!

    Sponge Balloon Paddle

    1. rsz_paddle2Have an adult cut a deep hole into the bottom (narrow end) of a large “car wash” type sponge.

    2. Insert a wooden paint stir stick into the hole.

    3. Secure the paint stir stick with some hot glue.

    4. Blow up a few balloons and then play a fun game of sponge balloon paddle!

    What else can you make with a sponge?