Cookie Monster Hand Puppets

C is for Crafting! Make a no-sew or learn-to-sew version of these basic, Cookie Monster puppets!


  • 2 pieces of blue craft felt
  • scraps of black & tan craft felt
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • scissors
  • marking pen
  • plastic needle & yarn (learn-to-sew version only)
  • small point hole punch (learn-to-sew version only)


    No-Sew Version

    1. Print out the puppet pattern and cut it out.

    2. Trace the patterns on to appropriate colored felt. Cut out 2 body pieces, 1 mouth and 1 cookie.

    3. Glue around the outer edge of 1 body piece and lay the 2nd body piece on top.

    4. Glue on the mouth, googly eyes and cookie.

    5. Cut out small pieces of black felt for chocolate chips and glue them onto the cookie. Cut out small pieces of brown for crumbs and glue them onto the mouth.

    Learn-to-Sew Version

    1. Cut out the same pattern and pieces as used in the No-Sew version.

    2. Holding BOTH body pieces together and using the hole punch, make holes every 1/4″ or so (and about 1/8″ in from the edge) all the way around.

    3. String a long piece of yarn onto a plastic yarn needle and knot the end. Show your child how to come up through the 1st hole of the two body pieces and down through the 2nd hole to make their first stitch. Then, have them repeat that stitch all the way around the puppet. Once puppet is completely sewn together, knot yarn and cut off.

    4. Glue the cookie, eyes, mouth, chocolate chips and crumbs as shown in the No-Sew Version.

    Place the puppet on your hand and exclaim, “C is for crafting and that’s good enough for me!”