Introducing: The World’s First Smart Candles (Controlled by Your Phone)

LuDela is the world's first real flame smart candle.

Nowadays, it seems like we can control every aspect of our lives with an app. There is literally an app for everything — home security, air conditioning and fans, TV, you can start your Rumba remotely, or make a fresh cup of coffee the moment you wake up. And now you can add candles into the mix.


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No more worrying about setting the house on fire because you forgot to blow out that candle next to the curtain (you’d be lying if you say that hasn’t happened before), or because your dog might knock it out of the table. LuDela has created a candle with a real burning flame and that can be controlled through your smart phone via “Wi Fire” (yeah, we know, we love the pun too). 


So how does it work? The LuDela candle is a smart module that features a 7-point smart system. It includes an auto-extinguish, which means the flame is blown out in unsafety conditions and a smart scan that reduces fire risks by scanning the environment around it before ignition, among other things. The module and the candle are covered in a pretty wax shell that comes in six different colors to match the decor of your home. And when your candle runs out of wax (after 30 hours of burning), you can simply purchase a re-fill for $7.99 — it’s that easy, and you don’t need to worry about ruining your furniture with nasty wax spills or vacuuming burnt matches from the carpet.


Want one? The LuDela candle is available for pre-order online at $99. They will ship in 2017.