You’ll Want to Snuggle in This Fluffy Infinity Scarf All Winter Long

infinity-scarf-diy.jpg (skyword:360139)


  • 1/4 yard of faux fur (I used this Curly Yak Fur Mist)
  • Knife
  • Walking foot
  • Stretch sewing machine needle
  • Sewing needle and thread

3-scarfproject-cutting-112016.jpg (skyword:360146)

Step 1

Take your piece of faux fur and cut a rectangle 36″ long and 18″ wide. I’m following the size requirements for this infinity scarf project. I drew the dimensions on the wrong side of the fur using a ruler and fabric marking chalk. Using the knife, cut the backing of the faux fur. It is important not to use scissors or a rotary cutter when cutting faux fur because you don’t want to give the fur a hair cut.

4-scarfproject-pullingapart-112016.jpg (skyword:360147)

Step 2

Cut all four sides of the rectangle and remove any excess fabric. Pull any loose fibers hanging from the edges. (Tip: You might want to keep a vacuum handy, as working with faux fur can get messy.)

8-scarfproject-pushdown-112016.jpg (skyword:360152)

Step 3

Lay your piece right side up on your table. You will be bringing the long edges, right sides together. So prepare by laying the faux fur away from the edge.

9-scarfproject-pin1-112016.jpg (skyword:360154)

Step 4

Pin the long edges together, making sure that all the fur is laying towards the inside. (Tip: If you find that your fur is to thick for pins, you can use clips to hold the edges together.)

13-scarfproject-walkingfoot-112016.jpg (skyword:360162)

Step 5

To prepare your sewing machine for this project, switch your foot to a walking foot and install a ball point/stretch needle. To install the walking foot, simply unscrew the entire foot first and set aside. Then put on your walking foot, it is important (and often missed) to slide the needle screw in the slot attached to the walking foot.

14-scarfproject-sewing1-112016.jpg (skyword:360163)

Step 6

Begin sewing at one end, moving slowly. You may need to increase your stitch length a bit or adjust your foot pressure and tensions. (Tip: You can test this by sewing on scrap faux fur beforehand.) Sew the entire edge.

16-scarfproject-pulling-through-112016.jpg (skyword:360165)

Step 7

Fold one of the open small edges inwards and match the shorter edges right side together also aligning the seams. Pin the circles together starting at the seams. Only pin half the circle together, the opening will allow for turning the scarf right side out.

18-scarfproject-sewing-circle-112016.jpg (skyword:360168)

Step 8

With your walking foot and stretch needle still in place, sew together — just remember to leave an opening. The thickness of the faux fur will determine the opening of the scarf. If you are using thin faux fur with a smaller pile, then you may only need an opening of 2 inches or so. For instance, my chosen faux fur fabric was quite thick, so I left a large opening about 8 inches long.

21-scarfproject-opening-112016.jpg (skyword:360172)

Step 9

Through the opening, reach inside and pull the scarf to the right side. Once your scarf is pulled right side out you will be left with an opening similar to the above picture.

24-scarfproject-knot-112016.jpg (skyword:360177)

Step 10

Using a threaded sewing needle, insert into both open layers and whipstitch to sew edges together. When you have reached the end of the opening, knot your thread and trim close to knot.

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25-scarfproject-finished-1-112016.jpg (skyword:360178)

Step 11

Flip your scarf so that your hand sewn seam is inside the circular scarf. It’s now ready to wear with your favorite winter outfit!


If you want another idea, check out a similar infinity scarf project with a twist: I used a doubled-sided faux fur and added studs! You don’t have to use faux fur to create this scarf, you can use any fabric of your liking. If you are using a thinner fabric, try making the scark twice as long so you can wrap it around your neck twice, or try adding in a twist before you sew the shorter edges together.


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