Meet the Mom Who Painted This Magical “Tangled” Mural for Her Daughter’s Room

Photography by: Jennifer Treece

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? For Jennifer Treece, a painter and mom of little 8-year-old Gianna, one iconic fairy tale was the spark of inspiration for her latest work. “The nostalgia and comfort of childhood, the precious moments of watching Disney Princess movies with my little girl, and family trips to Disney World…” She says it all just “warms her heart.”


So when her daughter asked for a Disney princess mural to be painted on her bedroom wall, it was an artist’s dream come true. Her heroine of choice? Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled. “I was hoping for her because I totally identify with her,” Treece says. She says she played the movie the entire 60-hours she painted. The avid-painter says she would wake up at 4 a.m. just to get a head start on the day to paint Rapunzel and Flynn in the boat.


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Treece says she has been painting for over seven years and knew she was creative at a really young age, but initially pursued a career in marketing. “I think I went a decade without thinking about fine art,” she remarks. “Years later, my colleague, Rudy, gave me a couple lunch time painting lessons.” We can all guess what happened next — she was struck with a strong desire to paint again. She says most of her inspiration stems from nature, her faith, and her favorite fairy tales.


She and her husband currently reside in Michigan and says her husband of 15 years is her “true prince.” (Aww.) So any true princess would go great lengths to make home feel like Cinderella’s castle right? “We have a big giant Lumiere-like candelabra that was my great grandmother’s,” she dishes.


Now that it’s all finished, she says she will never get tired of starring at the mural — and we wholeheartedly agree! If you’re looking for more painting inspiration, you can follow her work over at


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