Triangle Peg Puzzle

This is a game that I’m sure many parents know well. With a little adult help, your child can enjoy this game, too!


  • pattern for triangle peg game (PDF)
  • polymer clay
  • scissors
  • 7 Q-Tips (break them in half to make 14)
  • pencil
  • knife
  • paint and a paintbrush (optional)
  • rolling pin
  • straight pin
  • ruler


  1. peg 1Print out the triangle peg game pattern and cut it out.
  2. Work the polymer clay until it is soft, then roll it flat until it is large enough to
    fit the pattern (triangle is a little over 3¼” on each side).
  3. Lay the pattern on top of the clay. Use the pin to prick the center of each circle. Then, using the side of peg2the pin, trace the outline of the triangle onto the clay.
  4. Remove the pattern. Cut away the edges using a sharp knife or something similar.
  5. Cut or break a Q-tip in half and use it to make holes on top of each of the pin pricks. Twirl the Q-tip around to make the hole slightly bigger—it will shrink a bit while baking.peg3
  6. Follow the directions on the package for baking. My triangle was about ¼” thick, so I baked it at 275º for 15 minutes.
  7. Mark the centers of the Q-tips and break or cut them in half.
  8. peg4Paint the 14 pegs and let them dry.

How to Play the Triangle Peg Puzzle Game:

    • Insert 14 pegs into the board, leaving one space empty.
    • Jump one peg over another, into an empty space, and remove the peg that was jumped over. Keep jumping until only one peg is left.peg5
    • You may only jump in a straight line.

    It sounds easy, but it’s a fun little puzzle that will keep you busy for a while!

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