Paper Bead Necklace


Design your own paper bead necklace using colorful paper scraps and yarn. Make extra beads to keep on hand for at the ready crafting, or even turn them into a fun garland. A great activity for developing fine motor skills.




  • colorful card stock paper
  • scissors
  • chunky knitting needle or dowel
  • paintbrush
  • Mod Podge
  • yarn


    1. Cut your card stock into several narrow triangle strips. paper-beads1
    2. Starting with the wider end of the strip, roll the paper onto your knitting needle.paper-beads2
    3. Cover the paper with a thin coat of Mod Podge. paper-beads3
    4. Slip your bead off the needle and let dry. Repeat and make as many beads as you like.paper-beads5
    5. Cut a piece of yarn and slide the dry beads on to make your necklace.paper-beads6
    6. Tie the yarn and enjoy your paper bead necklace!paper-beads7