Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands

My girls and I were recently inspired by a magical movie to make our own potions—bubble potions! And of course, for every magic potion, you need a magic wand. Using pipe cleaners is a fun and inexpensive way to make your own bubble wands and it’s easy to add “bling” like beads to spice them up. The homemade bubble wands hold more solution and make bigger bubbles than commercial ones! Here’s how we made our beautiful beaded bubble wands.


  • chenille pipe cleaners
  • beads (optional)
  • homemade bubble solution (recipe at bottom)


  1. Start by deciding small wandswhich shapes you’ll make the bubble wands. We chose hearts and ovals.
  2. Use your forefingers to form the shape at one end of the pipe cleaner, leaving a little extra bit to wrap around the body of the pipe cleaner in order to keep the shape. The bigger the shape, the bigger the bubbles.
  3. adding beads small

  4. String on beads, if you choose to do so. When all your beads are on the pipe cleaner, twist the end of the pipe cleaner to keep them from falling off.

  5. Easy Bubble Recipe:
    1 cup liquid detergent blowing bubbles(Dawn or Joy) (you can also substitute no-tears baby shampoo)
    1 cup glycerin (or light corn syrup)
    3 cups water

    Have fun!