DIY No-Drip Watering Can


Making your own watering can is the perfect way to water both indoor and outdoor plants; they are so easy to fill, carry and pour, and they don’t leak or drip back down the spout like watering cans!


  • an empty plastic jug with cap (milk or juice)
  • a needle
  • a lighter


    1. watering-longMake sure your empty plastic jug is clean and dry.

    2. Light the tip of your needle to sterilize it and pierce the milk bottle lid, being careful not to get your fingers in the way! (Adults only!)

    3. Reheat and repeat until you have as many holes in the cap as you’d like. Remember, you can always add more holes after if there isn’t enough water coming out. (Adults only!)

    4. Fill your plastic jug with water and secure the lid. Then, when you’re ready to water a plant, gently tip the jug over!


    More Ways to Have Fun:
    Make one watering can with a super fine/gentle spray by using a small needle and one with a more substantial flow by using a bigger needle. Talk about why more water comes out of one.

    Make your own garden. Water the plants daily with your watering can.