Three Genius Summer-Camp Care-Package Ideas

Extra socks, bug spray, homemade cookies to share — these are all known cures for cabin fever. But when building your next care package, why not think outside the box? These craft-minded gifts may seem small (and, indeed, can be easily sent via mail), but each carries a crafty intention that’s designed to delight your camper over the course of their stay and beyond.


A brighter bunk. We may be obsessed with all things domestic, but even a temporary home deserves a decorative touch. Colorful alphabet stickers make the ultimate name tag, mailbox or shower-caddy label, or graphic “art” on a bulletin board.


Bright Alphabet Block Stickers, $5.49


A reason to write. Generation Z balks at the pen-and-paper routine, but these sparkly pens will pass the “cool” test — and you’ll swoon over the thank-you letter you’ll get in return. Your move, iPad.


Glitter Markers Six-Pack, $15.49


A dose of creature comfort. How better to capture an outdoor adventure than with art supplies that pay homage to the wild? Stickers and stationery bring life to early scrapbooking efforts — or well-aimed notes to bunkmates.


Woodland Critters Paper Pad, $16.49

Felt Animal Stickers, $4.39


What are your favorite creative summer-camp care-package ideas?