Shamrock Shaker

Get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with these fun and easy shamrock shakers!


  • two heavy-duty paper plates
  • glue
  • plastic bag
  • green paint and a brush
  • X-Acto knife (adults only)
  • a variety of shaker fillers, including but not limited to: plastic gold coins, small jingle bells, large sparkly and small green pom poms, green confetti, felt shamrocks, etc.


  1. Draw a shamrock on the bottom of one paper plate.
  2. Use an X-Acto knife to cut most of the way through the plate (step for adults only).
  3. Paint the bottom sides of the plates green (you can go crazy here with glitter, stickers, etc., we kept it simple). Let the plates dry.
  4. Once dry, turn the plate with the shamrock over so the inside is facing up.
  5. Fill your plastic bag with the St. Patrick’s Day goodies.
  6. Tape the plastic bag down taut over the shamrock cut-out. Then turn the plate over and pop out the shamrock.
  7. Place the other plate on top of the plastic bag, green side (bottom) facing out, so the bag is sandwiched between the two plates. Glue the rims of the plates together. Let dry.

Let your little ones go nuts. Both my one-year-old and my 2.5-year-old loved the shaker. They explored the sounds by making music and explored touch by feeling around the bag.