Sesame Street Pom Poms

pom pom crafts
Got little Sesame Street fans in your home? Wanna make some super cute Sesame Street pom poms together?

I don’t know about you, but Elmo has always been my favorite character and was the source of inspiration for last weekend’s craft project with my daughter. We love pom pom crafts, and these Muppet ones were the best fun yet! I think we have to make Janice next, with her luscious big lips and long eyelashes.


  • chunky soft wool
  • pom pom makers (cardboard circles/store bought)
  • black felt
  • mini pom poms
  • fabric glue
  • scissors


    1. Start by making your pom poms. The size of the pom poms you make will depend on the intended use, e.g. small pom poms made with a fork would be perfect for pencil toppers whereas medium to large pom poms can be used for birthday craft fun, backpack charms and story starters.If you need some helping in making a pom pom click here
    2. Cut a circle for the mouth out of black felt and gather some mini pom poms for the nose and eyes.
    3. Divide the pom pom wool across in a line and glue in the black felt circle mouth folded in half.
    4. Hold in place for a few moments for the glue to take hold.
    5. Next glue on a colorful pom pom for the nose.
    6. And repeat for the two white pom pom eyes. Cut little circles of black felt and glue into position for the pupils.
    7. And tada! Muppet mascots to make at Sesame Street themed birthday parties, or for just having fun.