Sewing: Personalize a Father’s Day Tie with Stitches


Photography by: Aaron Dyer

Personalize a store-bought tie for Father’s Day. Start with one that has a simple pattern, and use that as a guide for embroidered details. Rip out the hand stitch at the back of the tie that holds the folds together (you can restitch them together after embroidering), then begin sewing through the top layer of fabric. We used a chain stitch and satin stitch for the stripes, and French knots on the polka-dotted bow tie. (Go to here to learn these stitches and more.) Package the tie in an easy-to-make box, dressed up with paper bands.


Ties, from $19 each,


Make the Gift Box Too!



Photography by: Aaron Dyer

Creative DIY Gift Box for Father’s Day