Box-Knot Keychain Craft

Find your keys in the brightest way possible. These box-knot keychains are a surefire way to never lose your keys again (because they’ll be too cute to part with!) The sailor-inspired knot gives the keychains a nautical look that’s perfect for summer — play around with bright neons and various textures for a truly beautiful (and surprisingly easy) summer craft.


How to Make Box-Knot Keychains

1. Cut some cord to about 50 inches of length. You can use super-thick cord, doubled, or even fancy patterned cords. Thread the cord through a large key ring and tape down the key ring. Make sure the two sides are even. 


2. Cross the left side of the cord over the right and then feed it under for a simple knot. 


3. Keep the knot very loose. Using your thumbs, pull down the bottom two loops that have formed. Simultaneously, use your middle and ring fingers to bring the ends of the cord upward. You should now have an X shape.


4. Give each loop a twist away from the center.


5. Bring the right loop over the left loop. It should look a bit like a loose braid.


6. Take the end of the right cord and thread it underneath the bottom set of parallel lines and then back out so that the loose end is resting on top of the bottom loop. Take the cord on the right and weave it under, over, under, and over until you reach the bottom right corner.


7. The cord should now be in a loosely rectangular shape. Place one hand over the knot as you tighten it, pulling gently, one side at a time. 


8. Thread some embroidery floss through a needle. Stitch through the top loop (between the keychain ring and the knot) and tie a knot. Wrap the rest of the thread around the stitch and then add a stitch to secure the thread.


9. If you wish, add other thread in the same way to other parts of the knot.


10. Take the needle and fray the loose ends of the cord.