Calling all “Scream Queens” Fans! Here’s How to Embellish Your Own Earmuffs

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Earmuffs are an essential part of any winter wardrobe, so why not add some embellishments to yours? If you are like me, I’m totally obsessed with the earmuffs worn by Chanel No. 3 in the popular TV show “Scream Queens”! Read on to see how you can easily create a pair with flare. You don’t need much to get started, and you can probably find most of the materials at the dollar store or even on-hand in your craft drawer.


  • Fluffy fabric (I used this chenille form Shannon Fabrics)
  • Earmuffs
  • Super glue
  • Sewing needle
  • All-purpose thread
  • Pearl beads
  • Assorted jewels and gems

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Step 1

Cover the headband of the earmuffs, especially if you want the band to match the ears. (I decided to keep the puffs white, but you can easily cover them with a circular piece of fabric to match.) Cut a strip of the fabric to measure about 2 inches wide and long enough to cover the length of the headband. If you have a thicker headband section, you may have to cut your strip of fabric a bit wider.

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Step 2

Wrap the piece of fabric around the headband and pin the edges together to keep in place. 

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Step 3

Thread your hand sewing needle with thread matched to your fabric and sew the edges closed, using a whip stitch. This stitch finishes the edges of the fabric and brings the edges together securely and you are able to sew it from the right side of the fabric. The great thing about chenille is that it has a high pile and the threads will disappear into the fabric so you stitch will be invisible. Whip stitch all along the edge until you get to the base of the other end of your headband section. When you reach the end, you need to knot off to secure your threads. To do this, make a small stitch and insert your threaded needle into the loop and pull through.


Tip: I used a double-threaded needle and ran it through wax so it didn’t bunch or knot as I worked.


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Step 4

This is when you can really get creative! For this pair, I added a string of white and pink pearl beads on either side. You can add as many beads as you like, but keep in mind that more beads will result in more drape. To attach the string of pearl beads to the earmuffs, make a small stitch into each side and knot both ends.


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Step 5

For additional embellishments, I used super glue. It adheres very well to the fabric fibers, and I found that a hot glue gun doesn’t work as well. If you have jewels that have little holes in them, use a sewing needle and thread to attach them. I found that the glue-on gems dried quickly and looked super cute! I applied just a tiny bit of glue to the back of the jewel and pressed it down hard on the earmuffs. You can add as many or as few as you like!

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Step 6

Another embellishment? Chains. I used an old necklace and secured the chain on the inside of the ear piece with some thread, but unadorned chain from the craft store will work as well.

embellishedearmuffs-step17-102016.jpg (skyword:346838)


If you don’t like the color or fabric of the earmuffs you have, cut a large circle out of your chosen fabric, cover the ear piece, and sew or glue on the inside of the ear piece. Then you can apply all the embellishments you want! You could also attach them beforehand for ease of sewing or gluing the gems on.

finished-ear-muffs-1.jpg (skyword:346847)

Here is my finished pair! I want to make a million more is all different colors and using different types of embellishments and patterns. Once I was finished these, I made the decision to go full out and be one of the Scream Queens for Halloween! See below for some sewing pattern options to re-create the entire look.

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Bouclé is an essential fabric to bring this costume to life. I love this matching set that includes a bouclé jacket and fringed skirt. The girls in “Scream Queens” are also all about faux fur! So try sewing up a pattern like this slit fur scarf in a white faux fur (or matching fur to your earmuffs!)

embellishedearmuffs-completethelook2-102016.jpg (skyword:346861)

Jacquard is another fabulous fabric that you can sew with to get the look. I love this other set of matching garments using these short sleeve jacket and skirt sewing patterns. I also would pair another fur piece like this long fur waistcoat. To complete the look use light colored fabrics (think pastels) and fabrics with texture (like bouclé, jacquard, and faux fur). 


Want another faux fur look? See what we did with this sweater:


This is such a fun costume idea, or even outfit inspiration! I can see myself wearing this style on any day paired with my new embellished earmuffs.