Pool Noodle Goalpost

goal final

Last month we threw the Ultimate Sports Party for my now seven-year-old, and this new pool noodle goalpost was a huge hit! The kids used the goalpost in a field goal kicking competition, and with some inexpensive supplies and a little hard work, your family can make one, too.


  • one 3-foot-long PVC pipe, a 24-inch pipe and two 18-inch pipes—all 3/4″ diameter. (You can also get a 10-foot PVC pipe and cut it with tools.)
  • 3/4″ PVC Tee joint
  • two 3/4″ PVC elbow joints
  • heavy (or PVC) glue
  • 3-4 pool noodles (make sure to check the diameter of the hole in the center of the noodle to be sure it will fit over the PVC pipe. Some have different sizes of holes.)
  • 1/2″ diameter dowel to pound into the ground


    1. goal longIf you have a 10-foot PVC pipe, cut it. You will need one 3-foot length, two 24″ lengths and two 18″ lengths. The 3-foot length will be used for the base, the 18″ lengths for the width and the 24″ for each of the uprights.

    2. Use heavy (or PVC) glue to attach the Tee joint to one end of the 3-foot length and each of the 18″ lengths. Let the glue dry.

    3. Once the glue is dry, cut your pool noodles to the length you need and slide them on to the T you just made. Then glue the elbow joints onto the ends of the 18″ lengths (which now form the top bar of the T) and the 24″ lengths that will form the uprights.

    4. Allow the glue to dry and add the rest of the pool noodles. We used a longer length of pool noodles on the uprights just to make the goalpost taller, and it worked well.

    5. If you want to, cut a slit in each pool noodle so that it will slide down and cover the entire PVC joint.

    6. Pound the dowel into the ground and slide the goalpost over the dowel. Then you are ready for hours of play!

    This craft is a bit tricky, but totally worth it!