Pom Pom Frog with Hand Prints

Pompoms are not only a great way to use up those scraps, but also a fun introduction for kiddos to yarn crafts. Make a bunch for baby as a part of a sensory bin, tie a couple to hair bands for ponytail ties, or do as we’ve done here and turn one into a cute creature. Regardless of which pompom route you choose, the result will be soft, sweet and easy to achieve!

Courtesy of Bernat Yarns Design Team


  • 140 G/5 OZ: 331 M/362 YDS) YARN
  • Main Color (MC): Soft Fern (30221) 1 ball
  • Contrast A: White (02000) 1 ball
  • 8½” x 11″ [21.5 x 28 cm] sheet of green construction paper
  • 4″ [10 cm] square piece of cardboard googly eyes
  • craft glue
  • scissors
  • pencil


  1. Wind MC around cardboard approximately 150 times.
  2. frogRemove from cardboard and tie tightly around the center.
  3. Cut through each side of loops.
  4. Trim to a smooth round shape.
  5. Wind A around two fingers approximately 40 times. Remove from fingers and tie tightly around the center. Cut through each side of loops. Trim to a smooth round shape.
  6. footFeet (make two): Trace around your child’s hands onto construction paper. Cut out. Glue handprints together at center as shown in picture.
  7. Glue Body to Feet. Glue a googly eye to the center of each Eye as shown in picture. Glue Eyes to top of Body.

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