Peacock Home Decor: Put a Strut in Your Space


Bird on a wall. In Victorian times, a garden full of live peacocks was ultimate status symbol. These days, a wall accent will command plenty of of attention. Go whole bird with a framed peacock print or wallpaper pattern. For a subtler look, try enlarging a print of a single peacock feather and mounting it in pieces across a triptych frame.

Ruffle some feathers. Use a single peacock plume like you would a lone rose: display it under a bell jar, or fill a vase with glass pebbles and let it fan out the top. Unlike roses, you’d do well to avoid a “bouquet” — isolation will let your feather’s unique texture shine (though come holiday season, we’re all in for a funky feathered swag).

Peacock your palette. In the words of James Taylor, deep greens and blues are the colors we’d choose for a sumptuous tonal upgrade. The bold can go for an accent wall, but a painted dresser or even radiator will give a room a luxe lift. You can also introduce accents like a feathered throw pillow or peacock-embroidered linens, which are easy to rotate out when (or if!) peacock season ends.


Which idea is your favorite?