Would You Choose More Money or More Time?


4,415 Americans of different ages, gender, income, occupations, marital and parental statuses were asked this question for a research project that published its findings in the journal “Social Psychological and Personality Science.” The result? Sixty-four percent chose money!


So, what would you choose?


Before you tell us your answer, the project found that the people who chose time tended to be happier and more satisfied with life — regardless of life situation. Meaning, if two pretty identical people were given this same question, the one who picked time would be happier than the one who picked money. 


Food for thought, no?



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An adjacent experiment was also conducted where people were split into two groups. Group A was asked to focus on the value of time and list all the things they would do with the extra minutes. Group B was asked to focus on the value of money and list all the things they would do with the extra dough. Guess what? Group A was happier than Group B.


Could it be true that money can’t buy happiness?


When asked the question again a year later, 25% of the people changed their mind. Might be something to think about if your initial answer was “money.”




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