Men v. Women: Who is More Likely to DIY?


The question is, “Who is more likely to DIY men or women?” It may be a no-brainer to say that your mom, girlfriend, sister, wife, etc. always has something up her sleeve when it comes to the craft world. There always seems to be some new mod podge trend or even an invasive glitter project.


But a new survey shows that men are actually more likely to DIY weekly leading the survey by about 20 percent, as opposed to women who fell behind about just above 11 percent. If we wanted to take this a step further, men said they are about 46 percent more likely than women in going all the way and finishing a project. Other studies show that men would rather paint a room in the house alone than working with someone else. (Maybe it’s faster that way, and we don’t mind one bit.)


Evidence supports men will take longer on a craft to ensure perfection, ranging about 20 percent of men will take 6-10 hours of working versus the woman who can craft in just a couple of hours. They also prefer the challenge at hand when working on their latest project. Once that project is complete and up to the finest of standards, they can now boast about how they did that project all on their own. Men out there: you may not realize it, but you DIY all the time. Whether it be sanding a coffee table, painting chevron stripes in the office, or even making a wood pallet piece of art. It all stems from the same source — having a do-it-yourself attitude.


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So what does this mean? Ladies and gents, try tackling something you can do together.


You’ll have to find a common ground and create something you both enjoy, whether it’s a displaying a gallery wall, making a handmade gift for someone special, or taking on a new home project.


How’s this for a first project? Make a hanging decoration for your front door: