Funky Halloween Nail Art Tutorial by Artist Kim Bui

It’s easy to go a little over-the-top for Halloween. Crazy costumes and extravagant makeup are par for the course on October 31. But some of us like to get into the spirit a little early with something more suited to the everyday — like a spooky manicure.


This manicure by freelance nail artist Kim Bui is just the treat for the days and weeks leading up to Halloween. In the tutorial below, Kim creates an easy-to-paint Halloween-themed manicure complete with a spooky spiderweb and an eerie eyeball.


First, prep your nails with a base coat. For the base color polish, Kim picked a shimmery orange, using a white striping polish for the web. “A great bonus that you can actually do is adding 3-D embellishments to your nail art,” she says. Kim used one of the flatback pearls from the Martha Stewart Collection to create an eye-popping adornment — an eyeball! A manicure like Kim’s gives your Halloween ensemble (costume or not) a sophisticated flair.


Looking for more inspiration? You can get more tips from Kim by following her at @sincerelykimbui on Instagram and And, of course, don’t forget to check out all of our Halloween tutorials, including pumpkin-carving how-tos, spooky treats, and last-minute costume ideas on our “Shriek or Chic” page. Join in on the fun using #shriekorchic.