Christmas Checklist: Digital Shortcuts



  • Click-and-Print Ornaments: Download one of our templates. Print the design onto card stock with a photo of your friends or family, fold into a unique design, and thread with a ribbon for hanging along the mantel or in the boughs of your tree.
  • Glittered Candle Holders: A scenic winter wonderland is brought to life against the flicker of a live flame. Craft a single glass hurricane lamp or multiple to light the room.
  • Cardinal Place Cards: Set the festive tone of the season at the dining table.
  • Holly Napkin Holders: These elegant add-ons are made with felt holly leaves and a tiny, bright-red jingle bell.
  • Giving Tree: This clip-art tree, filled to the tippity top with sweets, makes a whimsical party favor.

Cards and Gift Tags

  • Personalized Holiday Cards and Gift Tags: Use your favorite family photo of Christmases past or a few seasonal items to scan, design, and print fun, festive cards and gift tags.
  • Clip-Art Tags: Whether you want grand monograms, pretty patterns, or whimsical pipe cleaner tags, send a message of holiday cheer with one of our printable templates.
  • Stickers: Scan artwork and position your image on the sticker to print into sheets for gifts, candy containers, and other small stocking stuffers.
  • Glittered Clip-Art Cards: Print one of our whimsical designs (a family of grazing deer or a bird carrying a twig of seasonal berries) onto card stock, apply glue using a fine-tipped bottle, and cover with glitter.

Gift Ideas

  • Holiday Citrus and Spice Candle: This homemade citrus candle comes with a digitally printed label, giving it a personal touch. That sounds (and smells) like a great gift idea to us.
  • Custom Candy Container: Print a photograph to affix to the top of a bright box. Perfect for miniature mints and bite-sized M&Ms.  
  • Photo Canvas Case: This is an easy, no-sew project that calls for double-sided fusible webbing. This allows you to print and affix your favorite family photo to a canvas pouch as a gift.
  • Holiday Music CD: Scan a family photo or your kids’ artwork into the computer, use a graphics program to isolate them, and print them onto the CD label.

Want more ideas? Browse our handmade gifts — all of which you can make on your computer with a little creativity and the click of a mouse.