Kids’ St. Patrick’s Day Suncatcher: Let the Luck of the Irish Shine Through


My family always gets a kick out of the playfulness and fun of St. Patrick’s Day. (Does anyone else wake up to green milk in the fridge and green water in the toilet bowl?) We also love the opportunity to bring some creativity to our celebration of this holiday — and this festive four-leaf-clover suncatcher is a family favorite! Let your kids’ creativity lead the way, and make the four-leaf clover as big or as small as they want or add as many different shades of colored tissue as they can find.


This project provides the perfect opportunity to introduce younger kiddos to new shapes, from the basic square to the more complex clover. They’ll also improve their fine motor skills as they carefully cut out the different shapes required.


If you are making multiple suncatchers, try featuring something different in the middle of each — a rainbow, pot of gold, leprachaun hat, anything you think will attract a lot of leprechauns! 



– 1 large sheet of green construction paper

– 1 roll of contact paper

– 1 pack of multicolored tissue paper (cut into small squares)

– 1 pair of scissors

– 1 pencil


Step 1:

Fold the green construction paper in half. Draw one side of your four-leaf clover with a pencil. Then, following the same shape, draw a border that is about an inch bigger than your first outline.


Step 2:

Cut out the shape to reveal a border for your four-leaf clover!


Step 3:

Cut out 2 pieces of contact paper large enough to cover the entire four-leaf clover. Peel the backing off one piece and lay it down with the sticky side up. Place the four-leaf clover on top of the contact paper. Use the tissue squares to create your rainbow or design. Peel the backing off the second piece of contact paper and place it on top of your four-leaf clover to seal your design.


Step 4:

Cut around the outside of your four-leaf clover and tape it to the window.

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