This Pincushion Bracelet Keeps Your Pins and Needles in Easy Reach

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How many times have you been pinning pattern pieces to your fabric or pinning a seam and can’t find your pins? Never lose them again by always having them on your wrist! Follow our tutorial to see how you can sew your own wrist pincushion.



  • Cotton fabric (for the bracelet and cushion, they can be the same or different for contrast)
  • Piece of 1 1/2″ wide elastic 8″ long
  • Double-fold binding
  • Fusible batting
  • Button
  • Paper
  • Sewing needle and pins


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Step 1

Make a paper template by drawing a circle with a diameter of 4 inches. Use this template to cut out two fabric pieces and three of the batting. If you are using thinner batting, cut out four fabric pieces. (Tip: Since I used fusible batting, I ironed two of batting pieces to the wrong sides of the circle fabric pieces.)

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Step 2

Stack the fabric and batting pieces together, with the right sides of the fabric on the very top and very bottom. Layer additional non-fused batting pieces in between. You can also pin the center to keep the layers in place.

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Step 3

Switch your regular sewing machine to a longer stitch length and stitch the layers together about 1/4 inch in from the edge. Do not back-stitch at the start and end. Pull your bobbin threads to slightly gather in the edges. If you want even more gathers around the edges, you can sew on 1/8-inch wide elastic. Stretch the elastic as much as it can while sewing to really bring in those edges.

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Step 4

Trim the excess batting and fabric around the elastic to reduce bulk. Push or “pop” the fabric and batting to the side without the elastic, and it will create the shape.

pincushion-step9-0916.jpg (skyword:331159)

Step 5

To finish the raw edges, pin and wrap the double-folded binding around the entire edge of the cushion. Keep your sewing machine at a longer stitch length, it is easier to sew down all that bulky fabric and batting.

pincushion-step10-0916.jpg (skyword:331165)

Step 6

Here is what it will look like once it is bound! Make sure to sew close to the binding edge so it doesn’t flip down.

pincushion-step12-0916.jpg (skyword:331168)

Step 7

Cut your elastic to roughly 8 inches. Or you can simply wrap the elastic around your wrist to a comfortable circumference, just remember to leave a little bit for overlapping and sewing together! Then, cut your bracelet fabric to be a rectangle approximately 12 inches (or longer than the elastic length), and 4 inches wide. This piece of fabric with enclose and cover your elastic. Fold the rectangle right sides together, and sew the long edges together.

pincushion-step14-0916.jpg (skyword:331170)

Step 8

Using a strap turner, flip the bracelet cover right side out. Thread the elastic through the casing (I used a safety pin) and gather to match up the edges on either side. Pin to keep in place.

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Step 9

Sew the casing edge with the elastic edge to keep layers together. Then, sew the casing edges together in order to make the wristband. Don’t worry if it looks too tight — the elastic and extra fabric will make it stretch over your wrist.

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Step 10

Hand-stitch a button of your choice to the center of the pincushion.

pincushion-step18-0916.jpg (skyword:331177)

Step 11

Sew the pincushion to the bracelet right over the seam so it is covered. Fill it with pins and you are ready to start some serious sewing!


Since you just covered your wrist with something pretty, why not sew up a fun cover for you sewing machine? Download this free sewing machine cover pattern here to get started, you can even use your new pincushion bracelet.


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