Instant Snow Exploration

Who says you can’t play with snow all year round? I first saw this stuff several months ago when we went to a local children’s museum. Now that it’s summer and real snow is a distant memory, I took it out and the kids have been playing with it nonstop! Apparently it’s made out of a polymer similar to the absorbent gel inside a disposable diaper. It comes in a powder form and expands significantly when water is added.


  • 2 tsp. Insta-Snow
  • ½ cup water
  • plastic tub or bin


  1. Put 2 tsp. Insta-Snow into the plastic bin.
  2. add waterJust add water!
  3. Once the water is absorbed, the “snow” is light and fluffy, just like real snow. It even feels cool to the touch (something about the water evaporating creates the coolness).

    We mixed up just 15 teaspoons of the powder to get quite a bit of snow and still have a TON left in the package. It won’t melt, and you can supposedly reactivate it with a little more water if it starts to lose its moisture, but I’ll probably toss it after a week or so and make up a new batch. Oh, and if your kids decide to throw some at each other some spills out onto the floor, it vacuums up easily.playing with snow

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