Cardboard Cars

We recently received some packages in the mail and had boxes around the house. Just as I was about to toss them, my girls decided to build forts out of them. Then Elle, my youngest, sat herself in the little box. I couldn’t believe she fit so perfectly. I pushed her around in it and she yelled, “Vroom!” We got a bit more creative and made toy cars out of them. This is a fun activity that the kids—both boys and girls—can get involved in.


  • rectangular cardboard boxes
  • five paper plates
  • clear packaging tape
  • crayons or markers
  • large sharp scissors (adults only)
  • knife (adults only)
  • fabric tape or other tapes for decoration


  1. Cut holes out of the cardboard box to serve as windows. There should be no top on the box, so if there is, cut it off. Tape all the sides together.
  2. Create a windshield by cutting the front of the box low enough so that your child can see over the top of it.
  3. Tape one paper plate where the steering wheel should be, and add four to the bottom of the sides of the box for the wheels.
  4. You can always add more decoration if you choose—my girls like to color the wheels!