Fun Paper Fortune Cookies for Valentine’s Day

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Photo by Riche Holmes Grant

What makes these paper fortune cookies extra sweet are the special messages that you place inside. Before making your “cookies,” take time to handwrite personalized notes to the recipient that go beyond the standard Valentine’s Day norms. Want to add a little something extra to set the mood? Spray the finished cookies with a relaxing mood mist that you can learn how to make here.

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Photo by Riche Holmes Grant


  • 6-by-6-inch Valentine’s Day-themed scrapbook paper (we bought a 24-sheet pad)
  • Jar lid or coaster with a 3- to 4-inch diameter
  • Pen or pencil for tracing and writing fortunes
  • Scissors
  • Small white paper strips for fortunes (about 5 inches long and 1/2 inch wide)
  • Glue gun

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Photo by Riche Holmes Grant

How to Make the Paper Fortune Cookies:

1. Select a sheet of scrapbook paper and turn it upside down so that the white side is facing you.

2. Place the lid at the center of the sheet and use the pen to trace its outline to create a circle.

3. Use scissors to cut along the outline of the circle.

4. Fold the finished circle in half, and make a hard 1-inch crease at the center. Make sure that the crease is at the center of the circle only.

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Photo by Riche Holmes Grant

5. Unfold the circle and lay it flat on the table with the center crease going horizontally.

6. Pick up the circle and pinch together its outer left and right points so that you create what looks like a semi-circle from the side. Hold the two sides together at the bottom of the semi-circle with your thumb and index finger of one hand.

7. Make sure that the crease is still going horizontally as you’re looking down on it. Use your middle finger and thumb of the other hand to hold the top and bottom points of what should now look like a cylinder.

8. Use your middle finger and thumb to fold the top and bottom of the cylinder toward the middle. Use your index finger to press on the center crease as the edges are folding inward.

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Photo by Riche Holmes Grant

9. Once you’ve created the cookie’s basic shape, open it back up and place one of the beautiful notes that you wrote inside.

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Photo by Riche Holmes Grant

10. Repeat Steps 6-8. Use the glue gun to put a dab of glue near the cookie’s center fold. Press and hold until secure.

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Photo by Riche Holmes Grant

To get the full effect, deliver your paper fortune cookies to your Valentine in a decorative takeout box! Click here to get great ideas for how to make your box stand out. Don’t forget to spray a little mood mist on the finished cookies, if desired.

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