Crafty Kids: Cool DIY Valentine’s Day Cards to Hand Out at School


Photography by: Burcu Avsar

A holiday meant for sweethearts calls for candy. Fill small cellophane baggies with candy paired with punny phrases like “You Rock!” for crunchy rock candy, “I Go Bananas For You” for banana Runts, and “I Chews You” for chewy gumballs. Even we’re giggling over these silly doodles.

Make the Valentine’s Party Bags


This idea is, well, as cute as a cupcake. Simply glue two paper liners together — pocketing a handful of candy — and decorate with pink hearts, red ribbon, lovebirds, and bouquets to your heart’s desire. The pleated paper lining is enough embellishment, but you can use a craft punch or floral cutouts to beautify the border.

Make the Cupcake Goodies


These couldn’t be simpler to make. Cut heart shapes out of a strip of candy dots and glue them to colorful construction paper. Use a pair of scalloping scissors to cut a pretty border.

Make the Sweet Spot Hearts


The little ones can lend a helping hand with this one. Simply trace their flattened hand over colorful construction paper, cut with scissors, and give them free reign to decorate their paper digits. Personalize them with ring pops, stickers, and funny little one-liners like, “You’re hand-some!”

Make the Hand-Shaped Valentines


Roses are red and violets are blue … and these paper flowers are perfect for you! With spring just around the corner, these brightly colored blooms are a cheery way to usher in the sunny season to come. Pieces of card stock in warm hues make up the petals, and small lollipops form the center stem.

Make the Heart-and-Lollipop Flowers


Photography by: Aaron Dyer

Seal your valentines with a kiss! Using bumpy pipe cleaners and a few simple crafting materials, twist and glue a pouty pair of lips so that they positively pop from the paper. Watch our easy step-by-step tutorial starring associate crafts editor Erin Furey to follow along. (Plus, try a bonus valentine in the video!)