This Crocheted E.T. Costume Cost Less Than $10 to Make


Halloween is creeping up fast, but we’re ready to call it now: This is the most creative crocheted costume of 2016.


And the award goes to…? Stephanie Pokorny, mom of four boys, who really (really, really) loves Halloween. “I am a self-proclaimed Halloween addict,” she says, laughing. “I start thinking about next year’s costume on November 1.”


In her household, handmade costumes are a big family affair. “Every single year, we try to do something together as a family,” she says. One year, they were fictional characters from Alice in Wonderland. Another year, they were from Clint Eastwood’s The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.


And this year?


“So when we were deciding what to be this year,” she continues, “my husband had the idea of wearing a red hoodie, riding a bike, and having my son, Jack, dressed as E.T.” That’s when she got to work on crocheting the alien costume — no pattern, freehand, with a few skeins of yarn and a free weekend. The entire costume was complete in four days and cost under $10.


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Pokorny posted a quick snapshot of her son in attire, on Facebook from her crochet website, Crochetverse. It now has over 1,000 likes and 5,000 shares. And what does little 2-year-old Jack think of his costume?


“He’s used to me playing around and dressing him up,” she says. She even plans to include a battery-operated light that illuminates his finger. (We can’t wait to see that update on Instagram.)