Cardboard and Candy Menorah

This project comes from my new book, Paper Goods Projects. It’s filled with tons of fun DIY’s that can all be made with items found at your local super market!


Photography by: Amy Gropp Forbes


• pencil
• 1 skinny cardboard tube, about 12 inches long
• ruler
• craft knife
• 1 paper towel tube, cut down to 4 inches.  A sturdy tube like the kind found inside a roll of aluminum foil or wrapping paper is ideal for this project, though a paper towel tube works fine too!
• scissors
• 5 straws
• glue
• 1 3-inch corrugated cardboard circle
• silver paint
• paintbrush
• 9 yellow spice drops


Photography by: Amy Gropp Forbes



1.  Mark the center of the long cardboard tube with a dot. Measure and mark four evenly spaced dots on either side of the center (they should be around 1¼ inches apart).

2.  Carefully poke the tip of the craft knife into the tube at one of the dots, and cut out a small starter hole, spinning the knife around to enlarge the hole. Put a straw into the hole to see if the size is right. The fit should be a bit snug. Repeat with the remaining dots.

3.  Use the end of the long tube to trace and cut out two semicircles at one end of the smaller tube — this is where the long tube can rest.

4.  Glue the uncut side of the short tube to the center of the cardboard disc to make the base. Let dry.

5.  Glue the long tube onto the base, centered. Let dry.

6.  Paint the menorah silver.

7.  Cut 4 straws in half and one down to 6 inches to make “candles.” To make “flames,” poke the straws into the flat bottom of yellow spice drops.

8.  Have your child add a straw candle each night of Hanukkah.


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