An Exclusive Look Inside the Colorful Craft Room at MSLO


Hello there! My name is Zoe Vnak, a crafts intern at Martha Stewart Living for the season. I spend the majority of my time working in the craft room with my fellow intern Alex Alemany. Each day, we have the fabulous opportunity to take part in the creation of various projects for upcoming issues. We have access to an infinite collection of cool crafting supplies! To say the least, it’s an incredibly fun and inspiring environment to work in — we are truly thrilled to be here.


One of our recent tasks has been attempting to better organize the craft room’s storage system. When we first arrived, this wonderland of a workspace was stocked to the ceilings with bins — about 500 in total — that are arranged in columns and contain everything you could ever need, including supplies, tools, and materials.


Over the course of the summer, we overhauled our organization of the craft room by adding a color-coded and numbered system. Now, every bin has a colored sticker, which indicates which shelf it belongs on — and the number tells which row on the shelf the bin lives on. We now have an alphabetical list of every supply and the color/number bin it is in — so if we’re looking for battery-powered tea lights, we can just look it up on the list and can quickly find the bin. This has been so helpful — especially with hundreds of bins to keep track of!


The idea of color-coding storage can be used on a smaller scale — you can keep all your knitting supplies labeled with a color, keep all your embroidery supplies labeled with another, etc.


Inside many of the bins, we have broken things down further, separating smaller items into Ziploc bags. For example, in the jewelry findings bin, we have bags filled with jump rings, bracelet blanks, charms, etc., all properly labeled with what’s inside.


In the following weeks, we would like to invite you to take a closer look at our (now, very well-organized) craft room — including all the materials we use, and how we’ve used them. Not only will you have an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the MSLO crafting process, but you will also discover a wealth of surprising new supplies that may help to inspire your next project!


Till next time!