A Fun Balloon Centerpiece to Try at Your Next Party

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–  16-inch gold foil balloon letters

–  Tape

–  Mason jars or other large, glass containers

–  Sprinkles, in the color and type of your choosing

–  Washi tape

–  Wooden dowels

–  Decorated sugar cookies



Step 0 - Tape Letters Together


1.  Inflate the Mylar balloons according to package instructions.

2.  Lay your balloons out to spell your word or phrase. Make sure each letter touches the next in at least one place.

3.  Use double-sided tape to adhere sides together. If the piece is going up against a wall, you can tape the balloons together on the side that won’t be visible. 

Step 1 Pour Sprinkles in

4. Fill the mason jars with sprinkles. You can really use any material you like for this step — for example, you could use glass beads, any type of hard candy, pretty pebbles collected at the beach … let your imagination run wild!

Step 2 Add washi Tape

5. Wrap each jar rim with washi tape. You can substitute ribbon for washi tape, but be sure to attach it securely to the top of the jar so it doesn’t slip during the party.

Step 3 Insert Stick

6. Insert the wood dowel into the balloon — gently insert the wooden dowel into the inflation site until it is able to hold the letter upright. Then, place each dowel into a jar of sprinkles. If needed, trim the dowel.

Step 4 - Add Cookie

7.  Last, but not least, cover the dowel with a sugar cookie, tissue paper tassels, or other decoration of your choosing.


Party Credits: Calligraphy – Lovely Letters // Food & Desserts –  A Side of Sweet // Mylar Balloons – Shop Sweet Lulu // DIY Colorful Cake Platters – A Side of Sweet // DIY Polka Dot Platters – A Side of Sweet


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