6 Fall Decor Ideas Beyond Orange and Black

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Photo courtesy of Topiarius Inc.

Go Neutral

While orange may be the traditional color of fall, there are ways to subdue it. Pairing traditional pumpkins with birch logs cut to varying lengths actually tones down the orange and gives the pumpkins a calmer, more neutral vibe. Don’t discard the display after the season is over; just swap out the fall for some winter decor to make the logs multiseasonal! The lanterns here also lighten up the mood.

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Make It Red Hot

Red is a rich color that brings depth and complexity to your fall decor. Depending on the colors it’s paired with, red tones can communicate strength, passion, and action. Red paired with pink creates a bold, elegant look that’s always in style. While a monochromatic color scheme, using different shades of red creates an energetic effect that attracts the eye and draws attention. It’s also a good complement to green foliage.


One way to add red is to incorporate apples into your design. For a sweet, chic look, try using deep red apples to hold place cards, or core out the insides of the center for a unique autumn centerpiece.


Another way is by adding an arrangement. This planter is a perfect way to add a little fall decor to your front entrance. The trick to creating such an intricate arrangement is using a combination of planted materials, fresh-cut materials, and preserved cut materials. The cabbage and Jerusalem cherry are planted materials while the bittersweet vine, eucalyptus, pepper berries, and fantail willow sticks are all fresh cut. Additionally, we think the preserved materials, hydrangea, pomegranates, eucalyptus, integrifolia, and lotus pods add an extra dimension to this stunning planter.

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Change It up and Make It Purple

Tired of traditional fall window boxes? Check out this stylish look that will add a ton of originality to your home. We placed wire baskets with coconut lining on each side of the home’s entrance. The lively arrangement grows cabbage, heuchera, Jerusalem cherry, autumn joy sedum, and plectranthus for a cool fall look.


Violet is a beautiful color to use during the fall season because it brings a natural and rustic feel without compromising vibrancy. Violet-colored gourds and plants with frilly leaves like ornamental cabbage and kale lend a completely different texture to your container displays. They’re also popular in cool-weather areas. To bring a country chic look to your holiday table, use ornamental cabbage in a wooden container and use raffia or rope garland to cover the tops of the container for a farmhouse-inspired centerpiece.

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See the Color in White

This balcony display is perfect for nontraditional fall decor.


Pumpkins come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so don’t stick to the old, boring orange gourd. Why stop at pumpkins? Creamy white flowers, like daisy mums, are an amazing way to bring softness, simplicity, and beauty to your fall decor. Bringing the white color scheme to the table creates a light and neutral atmosphere. Scoop out the pulp and seeds of a pumpkin. Fill a vase that’s shorter and smaller half full with water and place the mums inside. Trim the stems so they are several inches longer than the pumpkin is tall. Place the vase inside the pumpkin for a fall-themed look.

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Add a Pop of Pink

Pink is a great way to express happiness. Decorate your table with a centerpiece inspired by rosy shades of pink. A pink floral arrangement paired with gold dinnerware creates a stylish and whimsical design that will impress all your dinner guests.


The summer days of picking ripe strawberries from the planter box may be over, but that doesn’t mean garden beds are done for the season. We love growing pink mums and cabbage to keep the garden bright and lively beyond summer. If you want to channel more of that fall vibe, try using flowers that have maroon petals and darker hues.

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Thinking Out of the Blue

Blooming blue flowers can help extend the garden season. Various shades of blue can represent calmness, serenity, and peace. And believe us; you’ll need all the calm you can get if you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year.


This autumn arrangement proves fall decor comes in many colors! We planted pansies, mums, lysimachia, purple pepper, and miscanthus (grass) inside this elegant container. We loved the idea of placing the planter on a plinth to get the arrangement higher off the ground. The trailing plant is lobularia and the tall green and white leaved plant is variegated flax lily. Both lobularia and variegated flax were planted in the summer but make a great addition to the piece since they can handle cool weather. Lucky us!