11 Black Friday Activities That Are Infinitely Better than Sale Shopping

Hours after the last bite of spiced pumpkin pie has been consumed, America prepares to celebrate a different sort of holiday: Black Friday. The flurry of scurrying shoppers may appeal to some, but not everyone is inclined to rise at the break of dawn in pursuit of savings. While the deals to be had are unequivocal, there are myriad ways to spend Black Friday far from the mayhem of frenzied shoppers. 

1. Being Creative with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Consider this your own version of “Chopped.” You have some turkey, a bowl full of cranberry sauce (why is there always so much cranberry sauce left?!), and a half serving of stuffing. What can you make? Some might argue that a savory and sweet sandwich is even more satisfying than Thanksgiving dinner itself!

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2. Picking Your Perfect Tree…

Usher in the holiday season by journeying to the nearest Christmas tree forest and chopping down the perfect Douglas fir. While permits are required for picking a pine from the great outdoors, the memories created by the adventure are priceless.


3. …And Decorating the Fir in DIY Ornaments

Trim the tree with tinsel, create your own colored bulbs, or even whittle woodland animals to foster feelings of mirth and good cheer. 

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Photography by: Sang An

4. Knitting Knicknacks 

Prepare to bear down and bundle up against arctic temperatures with a cornucopia of handcrafted knits. DIY knit hats, pot holders, mittens, and earmuffs? Don’t mind if we do!

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5. Making a Memory Book 

Toast the holiday season by creating a scrapbook to hold all of your Insta-worthy images. What could be better than preserving your pictures in a cleverly crafted memory book?

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Photography by: Johnny Miller

6. Doing a Deep Cleanse — on Your Kitchen, That Is

This is one occasion on which the classic “I can’t — I have to clean my house” is a reasonable/justifiable/legitimate excuse. After all, few find shopping therapeutic with a sink full of dirty dishes at home.

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Photography by: José Picayo

7. Giving Your Garden Some Love

Why lavish attention on indoor diversions like browsing boutiques when you could tend to your garden? Winter garden preparation is beneficial for your blooms and your psyche, so start sowing those seeds!

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Photography by: Juliana Sohn

8. Trying Your Hand at the Most Decadent Desserts

You know all those recipes you passed on because “ain’t nobody got time for that!”? Today is the day! Dish up the most delicious desserts you can possibly dream up. You know the Salted Caramel Six-Layer Cake is calling your name…

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Photography by: Johnny Miller

9. Prettifying Your Pet

Chances are that tending to your beloved pet didn’t top your list of priorities in the midst of frantic Thanksgiving preparations. Take the day to shower your four-legged friend in fashionable attention. Boo and Grumpy Cat don’t hold a candle to your photogenic pet. 

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10. Giving Yourself a #FabulousFriday Makeover

The soiree-studded holiday season is an excellent opportunity to experiment with your beauty regimen. Use Black Friday for a miniature makeup revamp, just in time for your first festive fete of December. 

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Photography by: YASU+JUNKO

11. Hosting a Movie Night for Your Best Friends

Thanksgiving is an exhausting marathon of cooking and cleaning. Queue up your favorite flicks from “Home Alone” to “When Harry Met Sally,” fix up comfort foods ideal for a night in, and press play. 


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Photography by: David Malosh