5 Washi Tape Ideas with Serious “Wow” Factor


Photography by: Angie Cao

A single roll of washi tape can transform your home. Don’t believe us? Just ask Jessica Okui, crafter and DIY blogger of Zakka Life.

“It is such a fabulous, versatile medium,” she says. “It comes in every color and almost every print imaginable. It can instantly transform an ordinary item into something quite beautiful. I wanted to introduce the world of washi tape to everyone.”


What exactly is washi tape? It’s a decorative masking tape, made from natural fibers like bamboo, bark, or rice. But unlike traditional masking tape, washi tape is thinner, more flexible, and sticks to surfaces more smoothly. Most likely, you’ve already seen these colorful rolls at the craft store. They come in all kinds of colors and prints, and stick to most surfaces including paper, fabric, and glass — it’s really the perfect go-to material for all manner of craft projects.


“Anyone can pick up a roll and start creating with it,” Okui says. “You can make cards with it. You can scrapbook with it. You can decorate your walls with it. You can instantly embellish just about anything with this tape.” Ready to roll? Let these DIY ideas inspire you.


Photography by: Angie Cao

Framed Pixel Heart

You can cut and trim it into a one-of-a-kind graphic, like this bright heart pixel art. Okui’s tip? “My most useful tip would be to place washi tape on parchment paper before cutting it,” she says. “Placing it on parchment paper makes it easy to cut it into different shapes and lengths.” But avoid substituting wax paper for parchment paper. Wax paper makes it hard to peel off and can wrinkle the tape.


Photography by: Angie Cao

Herringbone Cell Phone Cover

The wonderful thing about washi tape is that it can be removed and repositioned as you like. From Okui’s book, “Choose washi tape colors and prints that suit your taste. And when you feel like a new look, just peel the tape off and create something new!”


Photography by: Angie Cao

Origami Crane Wall Art

“One nice quality about washi tape is that it’s low tack,” Okui says. “This means you can place it on walls without ruining the paint.” Here, she created showstopping wall art made entirely of trimmed washi tape.


Get the Origami Crane Wall Art How-To


Photography by: Angie Cao

Mosaic Tile Coasters

“You can also apply it to glass and fabric for a temporary embellishment,” Okui says. “Even though it’s a low tack tape, it will stay in place on paper, glass, etc. until one peels it off. Basically, it can be used as a permanent or temporary decoration.” For one idea, she cut out small triangles and squares from washi tape and stuck them to tile coasters to create a unique design.


Photography by: Angie Cao

Faux Headboard

Think of a blank wall as another opportunity. This faux headboard — made entirely of washi tape — is a DIYer’s dream come true.


Photography by: Angie Cao

Photographs and tutorials reprinted with permission from “Fun With Washi: 35 Ways to Instantly Refresh Your Home, Accessories, and Packages with Washi Tape,” by Jessica Okui, photography by Angie Cao. Published by Chronicle Books.