Go Inside Martha Stewart and Jenni Kayne’s Magical Crafternoon


Photography by: Brittany Wood

When fashion designer Jenni Kayne needed to spruce up her boutique in West Hollywood, there was one friend she called on: Martha.


The occasion? An intimate cocktail party to celebrate the 25th anniversary issue of Martha Stewart Living. You might recognize Jenni as a familar face — she’s a friend of the brand, the prominent blogger of Rip&Tan, and has even been featured in the pages of the magazine.


Find Inspiration from Jenni Kayne’s Great Crafting Escape


Photography by: Brittany Wood

Martha was thrilled to lend a hand.


Photography by: Brittany Wood

And Jenni had a brilliant decorating idea.


Photography by: Brittany Wood

But before the party could kick off, there was some work to be done! Together, the makers put themselves to work creating these floral, fragrant fire starters. It was an all-hands-on-deck task.


Photography by: Brittany Wood

To make the fire starters, they needed twine, a sharpened pair of Bonsai shears, and a mix of bay leaves, wax flowers, eucalyptus, chamomile, and other fragrant greens.


Photography by: Brittany Wood

These natural materials were snipped and trimmed, and gathered into a bundle, then knotted securely with twine. An extra length of twine was left tailling out on one end — to burn neatly.


Photography by: Brittany Wood

They made beautiful miniature arrangments.


Photography by: Brittany Wood

Hundreds were strung up by lengths of twine from the ceiling.


Photography by: Brittany Wood

And when arranged as such in the storefront window of Jenni’s boutique? They made a breathtaking display for the party.


Photography by: Brittany Wood

Makers — and friends — for life. Craft on!