Velcro Bullseye & Ball Game

Here is a great way to make a game that is like darts, only safer. This is a bull’s-eye Velcro craft that includes ideas for a ball tossing and aiming game. All you need are a few things that you may already have in your house. This game will help your child work on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.


  • felt pieces of different colors (at least two different colors)
  • scissors
  • clear-drying craft glue
  • bowls and cups to trace circles with
  • marker
  • small balls such as Wiffle balls, Ping-pong balls or plastic golf balls
  • cardboard
  • ribbon, yarn, string or cord
  • strong tape


  1. Gather the small balls (I suggest at least three) and glue the Velcro (the side that is scratchy) all over the ball. I used circle Velcro pieces that have adhesive on one side and Velcro on the other, which was actually much easier than gluing.
  2. Gather different-sized round objects (bowls, cups, round cookie sheets) to trace perfect circles onto felt.
  3. Cut out the felt circles and glue them together in order of largest to smallest, with the largest on the bottom and each smaller circle glued on top of the rest
  4. Cut out a star and paste it in the center. This is optional, but I find it makes aiming easier and more intriguing for children.
  5. Glue the game to a piece of cardboard. When it dries, cut out around the largest circle. This will keep the game strong.
  6. Cut out felt numbers and glue them on the game board, one in each circle, with the highest in the center. If you don’t have the time, just use a permanent marker.
  7. Flip the game board over and use the strong tape to secure a piece of string, ribbon, yarn or cord to the back, in a loop. This is how you will hang your bull’s-eye board to play with it.
  8. Hang the board and take aim with the Velcro-covered balls. We hung our bull’s-eye on a light switch in the dining room.

So far, the kids love it and the cats have fun trying to attack the hanging balls.