Smart Storage Solutions: DIY Dowel Rack


Photography by: Aaron Dyer

Use a loop of leather cord to hang utensils on S hooks.

Depending on how you plan to use each bar, choose either a hardwood or a steel dowel (steel is stronger, so better for heavy objects), 5/8 inch in diameter.


Cut dowel to desired length with a saw (ours are 24 inches).


Paint dowel. Let dry.


Screw one bracket into place on wall (use plastic wall anchors, if needed). Place rod into first bracket, then into second. Glue each end to secure. Screw second bracket to wall. Hang items on dowels.


Hardwood dowel, 5/8-inch-by-48-inches, $2.50,
Plain steel cold-rolled round dowel, by Everbuilt, 5/8-inch-by-36-inches, $11,
Multisurface satin craft paint, by Martha Stewart Crafts, $2 for 2 oz.,
Gooseneck brackets, 2 inches, $3.25 for 2,