Raised vegetable garden – clever and creative home gardening ideas

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Growing a raised vegetable garden is the most convenient way to grow vegetables, especially if there is not sufficient base for traditional gardening.

Usually raised beds are rectangular but the shape can also be triangular, octagonal or any other shape which is convenient for the plot.

Advantages of the raised vegetable garden

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Raised vegetable gardens offer many advantages with respect to landscaping. The gardener does not have to do any digging and raised beds are easy to build. In addition, raised beds are much easier to maintain because, practically, there are no weeds. Raised gardens beds can be built in many styles and can fit comfortably in most patios or balconies as well. Vegetables grow well in any type of container and beans, beets, broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, carrots, leafy green vegetables and cauliflower feel well in raised containers.

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Raised beds should not have a significant height.Even if they are less than 50 cm high, the soil can provide the necessary food for the plants.

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When you plan to build a raised vegetable garden, it is better to arrange the beds in a space with a lot of natural light and close to a water source.

Raised vegetable garden – suitable materials for the raised beds

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In many raised vegetable gardens you will see beds made from different materials – wood, stone, brick, metal or plastic. Cedar is one of the most popular choices because it is durable and will not deteriorate. Concrete blocks are also durable and provide the opportunity to create different raised garden beds forms. Raised beds are ideal for sloping areas. If you planned your garden on a sloping plot, terracing the area is the first thing to do.

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A vegetable garden in the patio

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Beautiful raised beds made of stone

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Metal containers as raised beds

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Optimum use of space

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Grow your own vegetables

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Organic vegetables in the patio

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